You ask about me? (Well maybe not. But here's the skinny anyway.) 

I started my life in the small town of Pierz, Minnesota at the west edge of town on a dirt road, close to the ball park where dad took us to watch donkey softball. On rainy days my sister and I walked in ankle deep puddles the three blocks to Main Street looking for the deepest water. Besides playing in the street, and running free, those early years were filled with many visits to my grandparents farm where we played in the haymow, picked crab apples off the tree on the hill, and got yelled at for chasing the chickens. (Did you know nervous chickens don't lay eggs?) Grandma wasn't very happy.

When I was ten, my parents and four siblings moved to a suburb of Minneapolis and the family grew with the addition of two more sisters. It was back in a time where we could still roam free on our bicycles as long as we were home for dinner. 

After high school, I attended the University of Minnesota where I learned about dentistry, dental assisting, and where the good looking guys hung out. Then it was on to the working world in a variety of jobs that brought me in touch with a number of quirky people. 

Outside of work, I played tennis, bicycled, rode my motorcycle, rollerbladed, and rock climbed. My all time favorite sport was, is, and will always be downhill skiing. Participating in the sport as a professional ski instructor and a National Ski Patroller, I have many adrenalin-charged memories of riding on the edge of  ... disaster. many wonderful many eccentric people.

I reside in a rural community east of St. Paul, Minnesota where deer and wild turkeys wander. It's peaceful, the roads are paved, and the rain puddles don't last very long. 

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