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The Elfie Project of 2016
IDEA: Get an Elf on the Shelf (It was Christmas time, so why not?) and get more active in the new year. Drag Elfie on playful adventures and take a photo, or two, or a bajillion.  Then share with friends on Facebook.
MY GOAL: Take twelve photos, one for every month to use as a Christmas card/letter for the next year.
PROBLEM: Sometimes my ideas get a little out of control. When  I started to draft the year-end letter, I was shocked as to how many pictures I had. Elfie was one busy dude this year.
MY SOLUTION: I chose a few that struck my giggle-chord the most for the year-end letter. Now what is the plan for next year? Stay tuned.  
In case you didn't see them on FaceBook, here are some photos of Elfie playing in the snow, at the beach and swimming pool in Florida, getting a massage, viewing the Mummy exhibit at the Science Museum, cleaning the oven, at spin class, and raking leaves.