A nice thing about reading is the oppportunity to experience many of life's adventures without pain and blood, or getting off the couch.
Best opening lines: 

"My life is crazy, and there's never a dull moment with three cats, three dogs, three kids, and one mother-in-law." -- G.P. Louisville,KY 

"It's a new elevator, freshly pressed to the rails, and it's not built to fall this fast." -- from The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead
Romance and Mystery Under the Northern Lights 

In the story Counting the Days, He charmed her in South Carolina; moved her to northern Minnesota and then he changed. Can rekindling an old friendship save her from prison?

This short mystery is told through a series of letters in Romance and Mystery Under the Northern Lights. 

Published by www.Melange-Books.com available from Melange or from your favorite print and e-book vendor. 
Chaos at High Altitude 

The idea for this novella came to me while I was stopped at a red light and reached for a mint from the Altoids tin I kept in my car. By the time the light changed and I crossed through the intersection, two characters had popped into my mind and a story started forming. In my mind's eye, I saw a very expensive private jet with a very handsome man at the controls. By the time I got home, a working title, "Altoids at High Altitude" was firmly planted in my mind. The result is this romantic comedy set in St. Paul about a stressed out project manager with an inner voice that gets her into trouble. She meets the handsome IT contractor who intends to de-stress her. Their gray cube wall isn't the only thing that separates them. 

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Mystery & Romance 
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