D. E. Pearson

Mystery with romance for your amusement!

My News!

I am currently working on a Janet Darcy mystery.  Police Chief Darcy has her hands full when a prominent citizen is murdered. Add to her problems is a pushy mayor, a questionable witness, and an inexperienced investigator. Too bad Chief Darcy has only one hand. 

 Other Projects and Stories 
The Elfie Project
Sometimes ideas pop into my awareness when I least invite them. Case in point:  One cold December morning I decided I needed more fun and exercise. Elf on a Shelf was very popular in the neighborhood at that time and turned my thoughts into getting my own elf. Since we don’t have any kids at home (to mess with their minds), I decided I’d take the little guy on an adventure. So, for the next year, we set out to do a different activities and post pictures on Facebook.
After playing in the snow, Elfie needed a massage.
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